Hääkuvaus joka on ikuista. Soasepp wedding photography Helsinki, Finland » Kirjoituksia valokuvauksesta ja kaikesta sen ympärillä. Pääpainona hääkuvaus.

Questions & Answers

How many pictures do we get and do you edit them?

Full day wedding 400+. Good picture belongs to day – no maximum. Every picture is edited by me.

When do we get our pictures?

Within 6 weeks from the wedding day.

Do we take portraits and family pictures?


Do we meet before the wedding day?

Let’s have a cup of coffee and enjoy our stories.

Do you offer an album?

Yes. I believe that memories should be watched in this book.

Do we get a slideshow?

Yes and damn I love them! Do you have a minute? Mette & Olli’s wedding day.

Do we sign a contract?

Always + we save forest by using echosign.

Is this your full day job?

Yes and it was dream come true.

Our wedding is held in New Zealand can you come?

I call it ”on the road” and I love to travel! Have you read my travel journal about Trans-Mongolia and Iceland ?

Do you have insurance?

Yeap. For me and my work horses.

When did you know that you’ll be a photographer?

Obviously it was 1998 and I was eight years old. I found my second grade notebook a few years ago and teacher had asked ”what do you do when you grow up ?” And there it was ”photographer”. After reading that I sat down for a while.