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Preparing for Trans-Mongolia!

Summer’s gone,
Autumn is here.

All future wedding photography gigs have been scheduled for next year,
and now I have two months free.

What am I going to do?
Where am I going to go?

My dream come true!

Wedding photography season is coming to close here in autumny Finland, and winter is coming fast. It’s finally time to make my dream of four years to reality, and pay off all my hard work from this spring. January this year I wrote on my Facebook wall that this December I was going to be somewhere warm, enjoying the sun without any hurry or stress. Back then I didn’t have a plan yet, but I had a goal.

So now, it’s my time to say goodbye to Finland for a moment, and head through Russia and Mongolia, to China and finally to Thailand! It’s time to switch from wedding photography to documenting my life and travels, which is another area of photography that I’m very passionate about. This is my first time travelling outside Europe, but my heart has always yearned to see the world. And this is a great place to start with that goal!

I hope you’ll stick by me and keep following this blog which I’ll be updating throughout my travels (with pictures, of course). I wish I’ll inspire my followers to book a holiday of their own, preferably as soon as possible! Up next I’ll tell you a little bit where I’ll be heading on my own journey.

The Trans-Mongolia

In just a few short days I’ll start the trip that I’ve been dreaming of for several years, the trans-Mongolia train journey. Tolstoi sets off from Helsinki on the 15th of October, 2013, towards Moscow where I’ll be changing for the Trans-Mongolia train line. The journey will take 6 days and 5 nights, ending in Ulan Bator where I’ll have a lay over for a week. I’ll then continue my trip towards Peking, China. The total length of the train journey will be 7662km! I’ll stay in Peking for a couple of days, and then fly to Bangkok, Thailand, and stay there for eight more days. From there on I’ll late fate direct me towards Krabi and some island hopping. From there, who knows? Excited? Impatient? Absolutely.picture Pinterest


picture Erdenebulgan.B Flickr


picture seat 61


There wouldn’t be a journey without memories, and a photographer saves his memories through his camera. For the past year I’ve been telling you all about how Fujifilm has elevated my personal photography to a whole new level. Where I go, Fuji goes. And that’s exactly how it’s going to go on this two month trip, too. I have my own growing collection of Fuji gear, but Fujifilm Finland has kindly sponsored my travels with a new body and a couple of lenses to play with. As a friend of Fuji, this was a great honour to me! To other photography aficionados, I’ll be telling you more about my gear during my travels, so watch this space!

And how am I feeling right now?


this journey is part of my two months vacation and I will blog about it

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