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Not done yet!

After spending 10 days in Bangkok, which I consider way too long a time to spend there by the way, we moved on to the islands of Krabi, Ko Lanta and Ko Tao. The idea was just to relax, meet some awesome new people and share experiences as much as I could.

I succeeded.

Slowly, I started leaving my camera on my side, because I believe that you must use all your senses to truly live. Sight is just one of them and I live with all five. I decided that it was time to release myself of all unnecessary thinking and just focus on being in the moment. Be by myself in this beautiful world.
I heard amazing stories of incredibly kind people, felt the warm ocean,
tasted amazing food and smelled the fresh air after the rain.

All of those experiences left a permanent mark on me. You could even say I found myself, whilst staying there, or at least a new, small part which had been yet to be discovered. I am a small step closer to knowing who I am and what I want from my life. There had also been one thing which had been running around on my mind almost all my life. How before this, I hadn’t had any exciting stories of my own, to tell about my own life. I mean, I’ve worked hard to get by, to get funds for new equipment and spent a lot of time by myself- practicing to get to this point as a professional photographer. But now I can say that I have lived a little bit more. I saw further. I believe in myself, and that all that practice and hard work lead me on this journey. Now I have beautiful and exciting stories of my own, to share with people and to appreciate by myself.


I have had a tiny taste of traveling but damn it- I want more, and a lot of it too!
There is where I belong.
On the road.

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