Hääkuvaus joka on ikuista. Soasepp wedding photography Helsinki, Finland » Kirjoituksia valokuvauksesta ja kaikesta sen ympärillä. Pääpainona hääkuvaus.

Kihlakuvaus Helsinki // Säde & Jussi

Hi fellows!

It’s been a while since I published previous post but here I’m again with amazing photos!

with something new.

Säde & Jussi asked to shoot their engagement photos and they had an idea,

dancing above Helsinki with beautiful blue sky.

I can’t move clouds or decide when the Sun is up but I can find a great location where to shoot!

Roof tops in Helsinki where to shoot are very rare not to mention roof top where you can move easily and dance without fear to fall

but I challenged myself and I found it.

We danced, we laughed, we enjoyed last day of summer!

we did awesome!

Kihlakuvaus Helsinki // Säde & Jussi

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