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Fujifilm wedding photographer // Photograph like a superhero

What would it feel like to be a superhero? What would my super power be? And how and when would I use it?

Batman, Superman, Spiderman..

Every since I was a little boy, I’ve dreamt about superpowers and the responsibility that comes with them. Superheroes have had a special place in my heart since childhood, and I would often dream of taking their place and helping to make the world a better place. I’d be free to fly high and far, I could be invisible, extraordinarily strong and of course.. I would be able to see into the future, not to mention through walls. I’d play silent and inconspicuous on the playground.

But, despite my best efforts, I never received the special powers I almost prayed for. Or did I?

Jaakko Sorvisto picked me to be his second in command for a wedding photography shoot during a beautiful wedding day and this is the story of how Fujifilm impressed me once again, even after three years of working together.

A Superhero needs the right equipment – Fujifilm X

Almost every Superhero has their special gizmos and equipment to make their work easier. Well, here’s mine


(Fujifilm X-T1, X100T, X-Pro1 ja XF 23mm f/1.4 // XF 35mm f/1.4 // XF 56mm f/1.2, EF-X20 – and a lot of batteries! I wouldn’t want that x-ray vision running out during a job. )

Superpower number one – Electronic viewfinder

Do you want to see your shot before it’s been saved to a memory card? Do you want to speed up your editing? Do you want to create? Do you want to see things from a new perspective? This is the thing for that, and it’s my number one superpower. You can adjust your exposure and shutter speed. Go from one end to another, try and explore. Creating and fulfilling my vision has been the key to my work since the very beginning, and recently my flow has reached all new heights thanks to Fujifilm. X-T1’s massive viewfinder and the incredible detail that comes with it, is a great tool when taking photographs of details and from closeby. It’s a great tool when taking portraits, too.

A Superhero needs to be fast, light and invisible – Weight & Electronic shutter


This combination is a tricky one, an oxymoron I find the most difficult: How can I be everywhere but remain unseen? Without running around and drawing too much attention to myself? You can’t. Instead, stay where you are, and look around you. How can you capture the best possible moment from this time and space. Maybe you need to wait for something to happen. Keep your viewfinder’s frame in mind, and look around if there is something else going on that you could capture. Come back to your frame when something is starting to happen. You might not be in the right place, but you will always be in the right moment.

Fujifilm is light. It’s subtle. It’s quiet. These are attributes the wedding couple will love, and so do I. I can still remember how easy and effortless it was to document the bride getting ready for her biggest day, without the tell tale shutter clicks giving on that I was capturing those moments. What if I hadn’t been there? After that shoot, I’ve always used my Fujifilm when capturing the morning preparations for the big day, if possible. Think about the nuptials, or the father of the bride’s speech. (Damn, I always cry when the parents do a speech). Everyone is quiet, just focusing on the key speaker. You too want to be quiet, but also there to capture the moment. You don’t want to be in the way, but you still want to be there.

I’m a photographer that doesn’t go for the easiest frames, or just stands still all day. Sometimes I’m above everyone else, sometimes I’m lying on the floor. I cram myself into the tightest nooks to find that special point of view. Lighter gear enables me to be more agile, and allows me to have more energy to stay playful with my photography. Lighter gear? Pure love.

Every Superhero has his weakness

And so do I, when it comes to my equipment, of course. Fujifilm, please improve your battery life. We don’t want to be constantly changing batteries, from 4 to eight times a day! With the X100T (with the EVF turned on and the camera on constant readiness), I ran out of 3 sets of batteries in 7 hours. Fujifilm, I’d also like better focus when shooting in darker conditions. An upgrade is coming, and we’ll see the results then, but I think improvement is an endless process! I’d also appreciate a faster and better performance when shooting with back light. Usually I save the photos on to two memory cards, so another slot for a memory card would be useful to me. The automatic focus also has its limits, when shooting in artificial light and objects that are moving. But luckily the Fujifilm mechanical shutter is quiet enough!

Superhero overall performance: 86%

Do you want to challenge and better yourself? Well, Fujifilm is the answer for that, it definitely kicks some ass. All in all, Fujifilm is almost there, when it comes to being used full time for a full day’s worth of wedding photography, and the rest is up to the photographer themselves. And that’s a concept I truly love. Fujifilm makes you better on all accounts, and turns your weaknesses into strengths. You must always be better, and in my mind, that’s what Fujifilm does in documentary style wedding photography.

It makes you better.

Sincerely X – The Superhero of wedding photography.

And finally, I’d like to enclose that all views and opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone.

  • Jaakko - 2015-06-24 - 22:13

    Aika jäätävä setti kyl kaikkinensa! Tosi hienoo jälkee!!ReplyCancel

    • Timo Soasepp - 2015-06-25 - 13:50

      Kiitos Jaakko!ReplyCancel

  • jesus caballero - 2015-06-25 - 02:24

    Yes, you are a superhero! congrats for so amazing work!! so good!!!ReplyCancel

    • Timo Soasepp - 2015-06-25 - 13:50

      Ooh, cheers mate!ReplyCancel

  • Jape - 2015-06-25 - 11:25

    Hienoa kamaa, ukko! Ootko vielä käyttänyt sitä kasvojentunnistusta, esim. tässä setissä?ReplyCancel

    • Timo Soasepp - 2015-06-25 - 13:49

      Dankke! X100Tssä oli päällä ja toimii loistavasti. Vinkki, jos kuvaat sillä ja kuvassa on monet kasvot, mutta eri syvyyksillä ja haluat esim. takana oleviin kasvoihin tarkennuksen, peitä sormella etualan kasvot ja kamera löytää takana olevat. Sitten sormi pois ja kuva.ReplyCancel

  • Jere - 2015-06-25 - 13:32

    Oikein hieno kokonaisuus, loistavia kuvia riittää.ReplyCancel

    • Timo Soasepp - 2015-06-25 - 13:49

      Kiitos Jere!ReplyCancel

  • Harri Rauhanummi - 2015-06-25 - 20:00

    Jep jep. Edelleen ylpeä “ensimmäinen X100 Oulussa” tittelistä ja siitä asti Fujit ollu mun luottopelejä henk. koht. kuvauksissa ja matkustaessa. Parit kihlakuvat Fujeilla hoitanut ja muistaakseni jonku muunkin pienen työkeikan, mutta dokumentaarisiin hääkeikkoihin en oo Fujeja vienyt.

    Ja syy on toi mitä säkin nostit esiin eli akkukesto on täyttä kuraa. Nikon on vaan ihan lyömätön tolla saralla. Tsekkasin just joku aika sitten monta vuotta vanhan D700:n kuvamäärän ja oli paljon yli 2000 kuvaa otettu ja vieläkin vanhaa akkua yli 20% jälellä. On se vaan käsittämätön määrä. Fuji hyytyy jo 300 kuvan paikkeilla.

    Jos Fuji saa ton joskus kuntoon niin Nikonit saa väistyä ja tilalle keskikoko studiokäyttöön. Tosin Nikonilla on D800 jota käytän studiossa ja joka pistää ihan tosissaan kampohin keskikoon kamppeille.ReplyCancel

  • V. Opoku - 2015-07-12 - 14:02

    Pretty fun read Timo. It’s good to discover the work of a fellow Fujifilm Wedding Photographer, lovely images!

    • Timo Soasepp - 2015-07-13 - 14:33

      Hi Vincent! Thank you and I checked your site and look’s good my mate! I will follow your work for sure. High five to other X-photographer!


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