Hääkuvaus joka on ikuista. Soasepp wedding photography Helsinki, Finland » Kirjoituksia valokuvauksesta ja kaikesta sen ympärillä. Pääpainona hääkuvaus.

Yulia & Jaakko – Finland archipelago wedding

Finland archipelago wedding – Yulia & Jaakko

During the past few months I have been thinking about my photography a lot. I don’t mean the style or editing. About the photography itself. The pure photography. Where is it going? Why awesome cameras or new gear doesn’t make me happy anymore? Why I’m chasing something bigger? Why this situation where I’m now is not good enough? Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I just need more depth. There must be something in me what I haven’t seen yet. Now i’m letting it out. I wish that my journey would be awesome and scary. Right now the other part is missing. The things what scares me. I’m ready for those.

I like to talk so much that sometimes I forget why I came here. Yes, this beautiful day have been hiding in my hard drive for too long. Yulia & Jaakko’s wedding were held in beautiful place called Gula Villan in Espoo, Finland. We were in small island where all the best friends and family gather together to celebrate the day.

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