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Fine art wedding album

Here it is.

The book we’ll make together. A book we can build from scratch, choosing everything from the paper to the cover and down to the final touches. From start to finish, as you want your memories to be preserved.
For 2015, I wanted to find a new way to present my photography in the way it was meant to be seen, as moments printed on paper, tangible memories one can hold in their hand. I go through thousands and thousands of photos a year, seeing them only on the computer screen, and that’s when I first got the idea. I wanted to have them bound in a book, to sit down with them with a cup of coffee and just relax. To look through and reminisce over amazing moments of which I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of. Looking through this book I understand that I’ve achieved the dream which made me pick up a camera for the first time. I’ve left a mark of myself on this planet on which we live on.

When I was choosing the supplier for these albums, my first priorities were green values, quality and craftsmanship. The qualities which I withhold in my own work too. I finally chose a family business from England called Folio albums, who fulfilled my criteria and then some! The albums are polished with a fine eye for detail, and they’ll withstand generations. They’re a sturdy bound with a nice, discreet layout. Full page sized pictures will look even more beautiful as the print quality on these is top notch!

Pictures aren’t pictures until you see them on paper, memories to keep for generations to come.

Let’s put your memories on these pages together!

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  • Birgit - 2015-06-25 - 16:44

    Gorgeous work and interested that you are a Fujifilm shooter. I just picked up my first X-T1 :)ReplyCancel

    • Timo Soasepp - 2015-07-21 - 15:13

      Thank you Birgit and good choice! Let your creative jump to the next level.ReplyCancel

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