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Helsinki – Moscow – Trans-siperia

Thoughts about blogging

When the days went on I decided that I want to tell our story more by photos than words. With so much happening I didn’t want to miss a thing writing elaborate reports and after all pictures are worth a thousand words.

Day 1

As we began our journey on the Tolstoi-train from Helsinki to Moscow I started to think what had I gotten myself into. With no experience on blogging or anything like this I wanted to share our experience with all of you readers out there (I do hope you enjoy this). Shortly after saying our goodbyes to our loved ones, we made ourselves comfy in our little compartment and made our way to the restaurant car. In the restaurant car we met Ivan over a couple of beers he was a russian living in St. Petersburg. Ivan was coming from Milano, as for what he was doing for a living we had no idea. Our means of communication was broken english mixed with our terrible russian. After a good meal we get back to our compartment which we called home for the night because next day we would have a early wakeup early.

Day 2

We arrived at Moscow Leningradsky station the next morning 8 am. We wandered around the station for awhile. As Ivan had said on the evening before Moscow is a “little” hectic, we agreed with his analysis and decided just to eat and go inside the station and wait for our next train, a mere 12 hour wait. The wait could have been more tolerable if we had slept a little more on the train. We spent our time covertly sleeping with one eye open as the security guards didn’t seem to like people sleeping on the station benches and exploring the station and nearby areas. Our train to Mongolia left from platform 1 at 2130 hours!














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